Vincenzo Gulisano, Ph.D.

Professor (biträdande professor)

Distributed Computing and Systems Research Group
Department of Computer Science and engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
SE – 412 96, Gothenburg, Sweden
vincenzo dot gulisano at chalmers dot se
You can find my CV here

Research Interests

I’m a Professor (biträdande professor) in the Networks and Systems Division at Chalmers University of Technology. My research is about data processing. I play a lot with distributed / parallel / elastic and fault-tolerant data streaming. I’m currently exploring the (amazing) benefits enabled by concurrent data structures in parallel data streaming. I also like to “test” how well this processing paradigm works in real world scenarios. Have a look at my publications, you will find interesting use cases related to intrusion detection / data validation in cyber-physical systems (Advanced Metering Infrastructures) and DDoS detection and mitigation.

Teaching / Pedagogical Activities

I’m teaching the Operating Systems course (EDA092 – Chalmers / DIT400 Gothenburg University). I also participate in the Design and Development of Embedded Systems (DIT165 Gothenburg University) and ICT Support for Adaptiveness and (Cyber)security in the Smart Grid (DAT300 Chalmers) courses. I supervised (and will supervise) several master thesis. If you are interested, write me (or drop by my office).


2012 Ph.D. Degree, Technical University of Madrid
2008 Master’s Degree, University of Trieste.
2006 Bachelor’s Degree, University of Trieste.