Ph.D. (Current)

Wania Khan (main supervisor)
Bastian Havers (main supervisor)
Martin Hilgendorf (co-supervisor)

Ph.D. (Past)

Dimitris Palyvos-Giannas (main supervisor)
Hannaneh Najdataei (co-supervisor)
Joris van Rooij (co-supervisor)
Amir Keramatian (co-supervisor)

Master theses (Current) [supervisor]

A framework for trigger-based complex alerts. Zozk Mohamed [in collaboration with Göteborg Energi]. 2023.
A framework for smart vehicular data-collection. Assim Sulaiman Khaled [in collaboration with Volvo Cars]. 2023.
An exploratory study of trade-offs in traditional vs. serverless stream processing aggregation. Nils Trubkin. 2023

Master theses (Past) [supervisor and/or examiner]

Streaming Analytics with Provenance in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Johan Taube & William Johnsson [in collaboration with Göteborg Energi]. 2022.
Evaluating the Benefits of Spatio-Temporal Relational Operations for Validating LiDAR Perception Systems.
Philip Nord & Jakob Holmgren [in collaboration with Annotel]. 2021.
Trading performance for precision in a CRDT-based rate-limiting system.
Andreas Henriksson & Svante Bennhage [in collaboration with Spotify]. 2021
A GUI for application design and performance reporting of data streaming applications.
Rikard Teodorsson. 2021
Real-Time Detection of Anomalies in Service Metrics using Apache Beam.
Mats Högberg & Katarina Bergbom [in collaboration with Spotify]. 2020.
Fine-grained provenance for streaming analytics.
Mikael Gordani Shahri & Andréas Erlandsson. 2020
Speeding up Complex State Access in Distributed Stream Processing.
Shahnur Isgandarli [in collaboration with RISE SICS]. 2020
Evaluating Different Approaches forPredicting Task Execution Time – A Case Study in a Distributed Production Environment. Jesper Carlsson & Erik Forsström [in collaboration with Rercorded Future]. 2019
Stream Processing Operator Classification Using Machine Learning.
Hampus Nilsson & Victor Gustafsson. 2019
High-performance signal processing for digital AESA radar using stream processing frameworks.
Henrik Möller [in collaboration with SAAB]. 2018
Scaling distributed computations of geographical data in the cloud. 
Henrik Hugo [in collaboration with Carmenta]. 2017
On-board vehicle data analysis.
Evaluation of on-board stream processing engines for vehicle data. Erik Nyberg [in collaboration with Volvo]. 2017
Distributed software for clustering of data points to detect vehicular objects. Martin Helmersson & Lucas Wiman. 2016
Latency and Throughput in Center to Edge Stream Processing. A Case Study in the Transportation Domain.
Gregor Ulm. 2016
Scaling OpenStack Clouds Using Peer-to-peer Technologies.
Xin Han [in collaboration with Ericsson]. 2016
A streaming middleware for simulation of distributed vehicular network infrastructures. 
Massih Mozahebbi & Sorush Arefipour. 2016
Data Stream Analysis of geo-tagged data for use in sustainable and safer transportation.
Robert Kemi. 2016
Road Condition Detection using Commodity Smartphone Sensors Aided with Vehicular Data.
Barnabas Sapan. 2016
Defense-in-Depth. Striving towards a Combined System by utilizing Virtual Machine Introspection as an Extension to Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems. Julia Gustafsson & Mahboobeh Daftari. 2016
Disjoint Parallelization of Sliding-Window Streaming-Aggregation.
Andreas Beicht. 2016
Distributed Stream Analysis with Java 8 Stream API.
Andy Moise Philogene & Brian Mwambazi. 2016
Streaming-based data validation in Advanced Metering Infrastructures. Johan Swetzén. 2015
Multi-Platform Binary Program Testing Using Concolic Execution.
Eike Siewertsen. 2015
Applied Differential Privacy in the Smart Grid.
Hedvig Jonsson & Boel Nelson. 2015
Distributed and Online Advanced Metering Infrastructures Data Validation using Single-Board Devices.
Jonas Sandström. 2015
Visualizing HTTP traffic flows from packet data.
Shailaja Mallick. 2015
BCStream – a data streaming based system for processing energy consumption data and integrating with social media
.  Carl Wålinder & Bao Hoang. 2015
Know your neighbor: self‐organizing data streaming processing in Advanced Metering Infrastructures. Theodoros Kotsantinis. 2014.
Robustness testing using model-based fuzzing. William Johansson & Martin Svensson. 2013.

Bachelor projects (Current)

Bachelor projects (Past)

Implementation of a Real Time Position Tracking System for a Transportation Company. David Lidevi, Amanda Dehlén, Pär Aronsson, Jonathan Heinin, Jesper Larsson, Edward Karlsson. 2021
Virtual Generation of Lidar Data for Autonomous Vehicles.
Tobias Alldén, Martin Chemander, Sherry Davar, Jonathan Jansson, Rickard Laurenius, Philip Tibom. 2017
SuperK Cluster Management Toolkit. Plug-and-play management for single-board computer clusters. Magnus Åkerstedt Bergsten, Anders Bolin, Eric Borgsten, Elvira Jonsson, Sebastian Lun, Axel Olsson. 2016
A modular system for smart energy plug stream analysis. Jonas Groth, Erik Forsberg, Johan Jinton, Ivan Tannerud, Isak Eriksson, Anton Lundgren. 2016
The Smart Power Strip.
Bregell Johan, Hillbom Erik, Johansson David, Karlsson Philip, Larsson Jacob, Stigelid Marcus. 2013
Design and implementation of a smart power strip.
Marco Baxemyr, Johannes Broberg, Karl Buchka, Mattias Henriksson, Gustav Olsson, Johan Swetzén. 2013

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