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ScaleJoin journal – IEEE Transactions on Big Data

I am happy to share with you that our ScaleJoin has been accepted for a journal publication at the IEEE Transactions on Big Data! This work extends our previous conference submission in 2 directions. First, we discuss how ScaleJoin can be

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Lecture about data streaming and fog architectures (EBSIS summer school)

I had the pleasure of participating to the EBSIS summer school and give a lecture about the data streaming processing paradigm and its use in Fog architectures. The lecture introduces the data analysis challenges and trade-offs in Fog architectures, overviews

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2 minutes Apache Flink installation

Continuing my effort of keeping track of useful and short guides (more for myself than others), here you have the one to setup Apache Flink quickly. Note: this installation does not require sudo, is for a single-node cluster (with JAVA_HOME set and Java

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