2 minutes Apache Flink installation

Continuing my effort of keeping track of useful and short guides (more for myself than others), here you have the one to setup Apache Flink quickly.

Note: this installation does not require sudo, is for a single-node cluster (with JAVA_HOME set and Java up to date) with out-of-the-box configuration and DOES NOT use HDFS.

Connect to your server
ssh -L 8081:localhost:8081 username@server

Create a directory for storm and enter it
mkdir flink
cd flink

Download Apache Flink and unzip it
wget http://apache.mirrors.spacedump.net/flink/flink-1.0.3/flink-1.0.3-bin-hadoop1-scala_2.10.tgz (or the appropriate version)
tar -xvf flink-1.0.3-bin-hadoop1-scala_2.10.tgz

Start cluster

Open your web browser and go to localhost:8081. Do you see the UI? good…


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