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Our paper about Lachesis, a framework to customize OS-threads scheduling, has been accepted at ACM/IFIP Middleware Conference!

Our paper titled “Lachesis: A Middleware for Customizing OS Scheduling of Stream Processing Queries” (Dimitris Palyvos-Giannas, Gabriele Mencagli, Marina Papatriantafilou, Vincenzo Gulisano) has been accepted at the 22ns ACM/IFIP International Middleware Conference. This work, in collaboration with Gabriele Mencagli, from

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The Liebre Stream Processing Engine

The LIEBRE Stream Processing Engine Since I started by Ph.D. back in 2008, I spent a considerable amount of time digging into the internals of stream processing engines. Pioneer engines like Aurora and Borealis were not really easy to work

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The presentation of our ScaleJoin paper (IEEE Big Data 2015)

You can find here the presentation given by me and Yiannis Nikolakopoulos for the paper “ScaleJoin: a Deterministic, Disjoint-Parallel and Skew-Resilient Stream Join” (presented at the IEEE Big Data 2015).

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