Accepted paper – DEBS 2015 Grand Challenge!!!

This year, we participated to the DEBS 2015 Grand Challenge. Citing from their website:

“The ACM DEBS 2015 Grand Challenge is the fifth in a series of challenges which seek to provide a common ground and evaluation criteria for a competition aimed at both research and industrial event-based systems. The goal of the 2015 DEBS Grand Challenge competition is to evaluate event-based systems in the context of real-time analytics over high volume geospatial data streams. The underlying scenario addresses the analysis of taxi trips based on a stream of trip reports from New York City.”

In our paper, DEBS Grand Challenge: Deterministic Real-Time Analytics of Geospatial Data Streams through ScaleGate Objects, we show how we leveraged our ScaleGate concurrent data structure (more info here) to solve the challenge. We are pretty impressed by our results, we were able to run the given queries and process one year of data (173 million tuples) generated by 43,000 taxis at a rate of approximately 260,000 tuples/second (that is, 1 year of data in approximately 10 minutes!).

You have a link to the extended technical report of our work here.

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